Another group of irregular verbs are the ㄷ irregular verbs. Like all previous groups it is named after the verb stems final consonant ㄷ. 

Easy to Understand

Unlike the previous groups, such as the ㅂ irregular verbs, have various rules to keep in mind, the ㄷ irregular verbs are quite simple to understand. There is but one simple rule to adhere to and one spelling deviation to pay attention to. The ㄷ irregular verbs will show their weirdness when you use a verb ending that starts with a vowel. When this happens the ㄷ transforms into a ㄹ.

However, even though the consonant ㄷ changes into a ㄹ, there is one other quirkiness you need to keep in mind. As you might know, when a verb ending starts with a ㄹ and the verb stem ends in a ㄹ, you just omit the ㄹ from the verb ending.

  • 만들다 + (으)ㄹ 거예요 = 만들 거예요

However, when you are dealing with the ㄷ irregular verbs you should not treat the ㄹ as a ㄹ, but just as any other consonant. This means you do not drop the ㄹ from the verb endings that start with it. Tip: This also gives you an indication if you are dealing with a ㄷ irregular verb.

  • 듣다 + (으)ㄹ까요 = 들을까요

However, if only those two minor rules were it then this would be too easy. So while there are a few ㄷ irregular verbs, there are also verbs with stems ending with a ㄷ that are completely regular; verbs such as: 닫다 (to close), 받다 (to receive) and 믿다 (to believe).

ㄷ verb chart

ㄷ verb chart

Another Short List

As with all other irregular Korean verbs, I selected a handful of useful ㄷ irregular verbs for myself to learn. It always helps to expand my vocabulary. These irregular verbs, like in any other language, are often very often used verbs in daily life. This time I selected a few verbs: 듣다, 묻다, 걷다, 깨닫다 and 싣다. You can learn these with me with the Memrise course that I made.


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