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Playing a game that tries to show you something with a touch of humor is not seen often on mobile games. Don't Get Fired! is one of the games that actually pulls this off. However, not getting fired might just be more aggravating than you might imagine.

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Ever wondered what life as a Korean employee would be like? The mobile game Don’t Get Fired! gives you a chance to experience it with its tongue in cheek humor.

The Good and the Bad

Korean corporate life is something many have seen when watching Korean dramas. Or perhaps you happen to have Korean friends who regaled some tales of their lives as corporate drones. Yet, maybe you watched the drama called Misaeng (미생) and saw the gritty aspects of the life of a corporate drone in Korea. There are many ways to get a glimpse into Korean corporate culture.

Misaeng - 미생

Misaeng – 미생

For myself, Korean corporate culture is something I completely do not understand. The way how Korean companies work and how they deal with their workforce are far too different from Belgian corporate life. From the stories I heard and the little tidbits of information I have read and seen, I often feel that Korean corporate life is way too stressful. There are so many rules and mannerisms that you have to keep in mind. Many of these little rules even have little to do with your actual job.

Of course, what I know of the life of a Korean office worker comes from nothing more than anecdotal stories. Stories told on the internet or told to me by friends. There are thousands of stories. Some are humorous and will make you laugh. Other stories on the other hand will bring tears to your eyes. This wide range of stories is what makes Korean office culture so interesting that many want to explore it.

Experience Don’t Get Fired!

If you want to experience what it is like to be a Korean office worker, you can play Don’t Get Fired, the Korean office worker simulator. This humor filled mobile game just might offer you a glimpse into Korean corporate life.

You play the life of a young Korean graduate wanting to climb the Korean corporate ladder. However, you will learn quickly that the ladder is dangerous. The ladder has many broken steps and they will make you plummet down. The title tells you your one goal, not getting fired. Although not getting fired, is a lot harder than you can imagine. Even the slightest slight may cause your superiors sack you as a result. Lucky for you, there are always other companies ready to expl…employ you.

The game is meant to be a satire. Of course, it exaggerates certain things present in Korean office life. However, this did not prevent it from turning itself into a huge success in South-Korea. It retains its tongue in cheek humor nonetheless in translation, bringing some Konglish to brighten your day. This little game will still aggravate you many times when firing you. Nevertheless it will make you smile when you receive that new absurd reason for firing you.

Remember, don’t get Fired!


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