It has been quite a while since I last wrote for Hanhan Jabji; but I had a good reason! I had an exams period that just demanded too much of my attention. My focus was not on either blogging or Korean. I know it is terrible.

Exams, exams and even more exams

Some of you might have noticed a surprisingly lack of new content on Hanhan Jabji during August. That is no coincidence since August is an exam period here in Belgium for college students. I simply did not have time to write new content for Hanhan Jabji. However, now that my exam period is over, I can finally return to giving my blog and Korean some much deserved attention.

For those curious about the results of my exams: I am not about to share that little piece of information here. I hope I did well, but the exams were brutal. I am really exhausted. Who could have imagine that taxation and accounting can be so complicated? I think the powers of the universe are simply conspiring against me.

No rest for the wicked

While I did not write anything for the blog during August that does not mean I did nothing during my limited free time. I actually came up with some content ideas for my channel. First, I plan to write 2 recipes for quintessential Belgian dishes in Korean. The first recipe is how we make Mussels in Belgium and the second recipe will be for carbonnade à la flamande. Maybe someone would like to know how to make these dishes.

Secondly, I intend to start a long series on a broad Korean grammar topic: time expressions. Time expressions are very important so you simply need to know how to say those things. This will be a long grammar series that might very well take up my grammar slot for the coming months.

Lastly, today I also registered for a new year of Korean classes at the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels. I will skip one level and enroll in Intermediate 1, rather than Beginner 2. I am doing this because I feel I need more of a challenge and my teacher and I felt Beginner 2 might still be too easy for me. My first class is on 21/09. I am looking forward to it.


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