I went to the opening of the latest art exhibition of the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels: Chang Dong. The art was greeted with a surprise act.

Noblesse Oblige

Today I attended the opening of an art exhibition at the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels: Chang Dong. While I am generally not one who fully appreciates art, I simply could not ignore this art expo. If you wonder why I could not then the reason is quite simple. One of my classmates of the Korean language classes was one of the participating artist, Ksenia GALIAEVA. I simply had to attend to support her. Noblesse oblige, if you will.

The expo Chang Dong is the result of an initiative of the Korean Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA). This initiative invites a group of artists from around the globe to come to Korea and create new works of art while they are being inspired by the country. During their stay the artists lived in studios and worked in an atelier in Chang Dong (창동), Seoul.

While I was not able to appreciate all pieces of art that were on display, some of the art works I considered beautiful or cute. I think the exhibition has something for everyone’s taste on display. If you happen to be in Belgium, I would suggest visiting the cultural center. The Chang Dong exhibition will be freely accessible until 20/08/2016.

Percussion is Life

The most interesting moment of the exhibition was how the cultural center decided to open it. They had invited Korean traditional musicians to perform as an opening act. The traditional music surrounded by contemporary art was quite an experience to witness. It was also the first time I experienced this music style. While interesting, it was a bit loud, but that tends to be the case with percussion instruments. The drum you see is called Janggu (장구), a traditional Korean instrument. I hope you enjoy the little taste I was able to provide.


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