Learning Korean on your own is a very exciting experience, but sometimes you really need someone to answer your questions. Luckily the Korean Cultural Center organizes several Korean classes each year and this year I attended. Yesterday was my first year Korean graduation ceremony.

A Year at Sejong Hakdang

Two years ago I started on a journey that would take me to discover wonderful culture and delicious foods. What did I start to do? I began to learn Korean and I have not regretted it since the start. However, I began learning Korean completely in self-study and while possible, it did prove very difficult. You will eventually start questioning things you learn and with self-study you really do not have someone to turn to.

For that reason I registered this year at Sejong Hakdang for a Korean beginners class, a Korean language school that is a part of the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels. This year every Wednesday evening I went to the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels to attend the classes. The classes were great thanks to our enthusiastic and positive teacher. She really was a great person. Of course, the awesome people In met in my class made the whole experience even better. However, things come to an end and so do the classes come to an end.

My Korean graduating class.

My graduating Korean class holding their certificates proudly.

As you might remember I posted an update here telling you I had Korean exams coming. Yesterday I received my results in the form of a beautiful certificate proving that I accomplished something during those classes. The certificate was handed me during my first year Korean graduation ceremony. The ceremony itself was quite lengthy as there were many graduating students besides my class. Luckily there was plenty of entertainment.

Leaving Early

Drinking with Korean classmates in Brussels

Having a drink with classmate while Belgian weather is being Belgian.

Our first year Korean graduation ceremony ended with Korean games, hanbok experience and, of course, food. However, I did not enjoy this all. After a short talk with my fellow students and my teacher, I decided to do something cozier with a few students: go to a tavern for some drinks. So while the weather was typically Belgian (gray, bleak and wet), we had a blast drinking and chatting away.

I hope to see them all next year again.

Me at the First Year Korean Graduation Ceremony

Holding proudly my certificate during the first year Korean graduation ceremony.


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