Learning Korean can be tough and sometimes you just want to get in contact with others learning Korean, that is why I created the Hanhan Jabji Forums.

Not one-way, but two-way

I started Hanhan Jabji for many ways, but one major reason was that I wanted in my own stumbling fashion help others. It is why I re-write my personal notes on Hanhan Jabji such as the notes I wrote on the Korean irregular verbs or connecting and contrasting sentences. I like doing that just like I like reading what others are up to. I cannot imagine how much more difficult learning Korean would be, were it not for other people’s blogs.

However, as a blog Hanhan Jabji as communication goes, it is still pretty much one-way direction. I simply write and put my article online and my readers read it. My blog posts seemingly do not invite a lot of people to comment. Perhaps it is simply because the way how I write. Yet just like anyone on a blog I like reading and answering comments. Comments give a sense fulfilment. Answering them is rewarding activity for any blogger. So I thought of something else.

The Hanhan Jabji Forums are Open

I want a bit more interaction so I might be introduced to things I would not discover on my own. That can only come from talking to friends I have yet to meet (also known as strangers). So to do so I decided to create a forum since I already had all the necessary components to do so actually.

I have small plans and hopes for the forums I simply call the Hanhan Jabji Forums. With the help of others I hope to slowly transform it into a humble community for people like myself; those interested in Korea and/or who are learning Korean. Of course creating a community from scratch is difficult and will take some time. Luckily, I could convince a Korean friend of mine to help me out. He wanted to promote indie Korean music anyway so it is a win-win situation since I am not that in the known about those kind of things.

Anyway I hope to see some of my readers on the forums. I would love to get to know some of you and perhaps even learn from you about Korea. Maybe you have some pictures you want to share somewhere. Hope to meet you there. You can register for free whenever you please.

Hanhan Jabji Forums Registration

Hope to see you soon on the forums!


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Nick is a someone who enjoys exploring new and different things. 2 years ago when he met his Korean friends he decided to go for it and learn Korean. Now he is struggling with the language while sharing an apartment with his Korean roomie.

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