What are you using to learn Korean?

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      Nick on #3190

      Nick here!

      I hope everyone is having a blast learning Korean. Learning a language can be pretty difficult, but it gets a bit easier if you have the right things to help you. Currently I am using three books:

      1. Korean Made Easy for Beginners
      2. Korean Grammar in Use Beginning
      3. Korean Folk Tales & Aesop’s Fables

      I love these books and they have helped me tremendously. They’ve helped me almost as much as my Korean friends. Now I am wondering what materials are you using to help you learn Korean. Might help me and others in the long run too.

      Looking forward to your answers!



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      gokorea on #3193

      I’ve been watching the videos of Talk To Me In Korean and some blog post such as yours. I haven’t bought any books yet. Do you really think books are really worth the money?

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