What Korean food do you like to eat?

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      Nick on #3217


      Nick here. Have you tried eating Korean food yet? I hope you have because it is really delicious. If you have, what is your favorite Korean dish? Let us share pictures of our favorite Korean dishes and if you happen to have it some recipes.

      I love eating Buldak (불닭)! The spiciness of this dish is simply wonderful! It is a great chicken dish that just keeps me wanting to eat more and more. Adding cheese to it makes it extra delicious!


      Here is a recipe by Maangchi: http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/buldak


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      gokorea on #3237

      Ooh that looks delicious, but I can’t really eat spicy food. Ramyeon is spicy enough for me! However, I do love kimbap. I don’t eat sushi because I’m allergic to fish fats, but I can eat kimbap.


      Here is the link to the recipe: http://kimchimari.com/kimbap/

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