Some might have noticed that I have been absent for some time. I have not been updating the blog and my social profiles for some time now. It is time to tell you what is the cause of this: life, sickness and technical difficulties.

I love blogging, but like many things you love sometimes you just cannot keep up due to life. The past few weeks that has been the case for me and I was unable to update Hanhan Jabji or my social media profiles! This inactive period can be divided into 2 major parts: sickness and technical problems.

Sickly Fever

Two weeks ago it started with an irritated throat. I think everyone knows what I am talking about. That slightly coarse feeling in the throat that causes a slight burning sensation whenever you swallow. Annoying, but not something that makes you drop everything you were doing. Though sometimes annoyance foretells larger problems to come.

The next day out of nowhere that throat started hurting as if the very inferno of hell resided in my throat. When I got home and a quick check with the thermometer my fears were confirmed, I was sick. My fever was 40 degrees high. I simply had to make an appointment with the doctor, though his diagnosis did not come as a surprise: I had the flu. I hate the flu, but who does not?

The flu is truly an insidious virus that always behaves like a roller coaster. At moments you feel fine, but at other moments you really feel like the end is near and the trumpets of heaven hail you in as its newest resident. It took more than a week for me to recover from it.

Charger Breakdown

However, my tribulations were not over. As I was recovering I wanted to write about being sick in Korean, but to my absolute horror I noticed that the charger for my computer has broken down. I could not start up my computer to start writing! Even now I cannot turn the bloody thing on because of the lack of power.

I did order a new charger for it, but the shop where I bought it has yet to deliver it. I ordered it almost two weeks ago. As you can well imagine, I am absolutely furious about this. Nonetheless I need to wait and hope against all hope that my new charger arrives soon. Until then I have to work on the computers at my college.

New Beginnings

Yet not everything is doom and gloom, because there is also good news. Every year my college with the help of the Taiwanese representation office to the European Union organizes Chinese classes for its students. Last year I could not join these classes due to my other classes. This year, however, I could and I decided to resister since they are so cheap! 30 EUR for this great opportunity.

The Chinese taught at the class is not simplified Chinese, but traditional Chinese. This is great because my Korean roommate’s family has strong ties with the island of Taiwan and so have a deep love for traditional Chinese. In fact my roommate its quite the fluent Chinese speaker. I am happy to learn the language as a side project as you might very well imagine.

So even though my computer has broken down,my body broke under the onslaught of the flu and life continues, I still have some sunny side to look to. Of course, I am still keeping up with learning Korean and I hope to share what I have done with you soon.


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Nick is a someone who enjoys exploring new and different things. 2 years ago when he met his Korean friends he decided to go for it and learn Korean. Now he is struggling with the language while sharing an apartment with his Korean roomie.

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