One of the first posts on on this site was about NAVER. I wrote a short summary of everything that is connected to this verdant giant. One of the applications connected to NAVER is Line. Line is popular messaging application around the world and I hope to meet you there.

What is in a Line?

As you might remember from my post on NAVER, Line is a messaging application that was created in Japan, not Korea. From there the messaging application spread like a wildfire across the world and NAVER now claims Line has over 600 million users. That means a lot of messaging is happening. However, Line is more than just a messaging application, it is a social media platform where people share everything with their friends. In fact, it is Japan’s largest social network.

Why is Line so popular? That is hard to tell. Perhaps it is popular due to its ease of use. Or maybe it is because of their various cute stickers. You can think of stickers like huge emoticons that help you express yourself. While Facebook, such as, has them too, Line stickers are simply too cute and unique. No one hates it when someone sends one of those cuties to you.

However, the observant among us might have noticed something very odd about Korea. Line is not used in Korea. Even though Line is directly related to NAVER, Koreans just did not pick it up. They prefer to use their own messaging platform called KakaoTalk.

Going on-Line

Because I want to explore everything even remotely related to Korea, I thought I would give Line a try. So during this evening I slowly but surely created a Line account for Hanhan Jabji. That was surprisingly easy. You can clearly see that Line is an application with a global market. It is fully translated in various languages, among them English, making it very accessible for many among us.

Of course, this particular application is not popular in my country. Belgium is all about Snapchat, which I never even tried, or Facebook Messenger. So I do not have a lot of friends to experience Line with. Than I had an idea. There are so many people out there that I would probably want to meet to talk about Korea with. Why not invite them over and have chat with them once in a while. Nifty idea, no?

Let’s Have a Chat

I would love to talk with anyone of you about Korea, Korean movies, dramas, culture, whatever…in Korean (at least try) or English. You choose. You simply have to add me as your friend on Line and I will be able to enjoy a nice chat with you. Having me as a friend there is very easy even you simply need to click this button:
Friends Added

I believe it cannot be any easier, right? I hope to meet you on Line. Just send me a friendly greeting and I am sure we will have a good old time chatting away about Korea.


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Nick is a someone who enjoys exploring new and different things. 2 years ago when he met his Korean friends he decided to go for it and learn Korean. Now he is struggling with the language while sharing an apartment with his Korean roomie.

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