On Korea

Learning through Korean Recipes

Learning a language should not be only about grammar, words and writing exercises. It can also be about delicious recipes, learn it through recipes.

Learning Korean

The Time Basics in Korean

We begin our series on time expressions with a slow start as I simply review the basic ways to express time such as hours and days.



Hanhan Jabji’s Rabokki

Last recipe I shared with you was my own recipe for kimchi jjigae. I hope you loved it. Now I am going to share with you one of my latest creations: rabokki (라볶이). Rabokki sounds complicated, but it is a simple dish which combines ramyeon and tteokbokki into one heavenly dish.

Korean Made Easy for Beginners

These days when learning a language it is pretty simple to download a free app on your smartphone or visit a website to get started. However, a good textbook still seems like a good thing to have. One of the books I use to learn Korean is Korean made Easy for Beginners.

Line Online

One of the first posts on on this site was about NAVER. I wrote a short summary of everything that is connected to this verdant giant. One of the applications connected to NAVER is Line. Line is popular messaging application around the world and I hope to meet you there.

이씨 가족의 아침

Practicing Korean is sometimes difficult since there are not a lot of materials for real beginners. I named the story 이씨 가족의 아침 and it is the story of a humble Korean family. This story was written by myself and than corrected by my Korean roommate. I hope you like it.

Indirect Quotation

We love talking to each other and we love talking about what others are saying. In technical terms we would say that is quoting someone. In Korean there are a few ways to quote someone and today I am focusing on the indirect quotation.

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