On Korea

Learning through Korean Recipes

Learning a language should not be only about grammar, words and writing exercises. It can also be about delicious recipes, learn it through recipes.

Learning Korean

The Time Basics in Korean

We begin our series on time expressions with a slow start as I simply review the basic ways to express time such as hours and days.



Memrise Vocabulary

If you have a smartphone, you can do almost anything anywhere. Some consider this a curse, others a blessing. I am one of the latter. As someone who is learning a language, I use my smartphone as a tool to help me thanks to some great apps. One of the apps I use is Memrise.

My 9 Favorite Korean Dishes That I Can Make

Learning a language is not only about learning words and grammar, but also getting in touch with a lot of culture. You do not need to enjoy all aspects of culture, but who does not love to discover new types of food to make? Here are 9 favorite Korean dishes I can actually make.

Fruits & Vegetables

Learning how to do groceries is critical to survive anywhere. Today we kick things of with Fruits & Vegetables. They are an absolute for a healthy and balanced diet. Make sure you know the Korean names of a few before going to the market.

NAVER Universe

Meet NAVER, Korea’s Google. You might never have heard of it, but it is a big in South-Korea. It is bigger than Google in Korea! However, NAVER is more than just a ‘simple’ search engine. Welcome to the NAVER universe.

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