Yesterday my roommate and I visited the botanical garden in Meise. It was beautiful, but also the start of problems hindering learning Korean.

Botanical Garden in Meise

Botanical Garden Meise - Panorama

Panorama shot inside the botanical garden.

Yesterday my roommate visited the botanical garden in Meise. We decided to visit this garden filled with rare and unique trees and colorful and exotic plants for two reasons:

  1. Neither of us ever visited the botanical gardens.
  2. A (in)famous flower was blooming.

The gardens are peaceful and beautiful. They were the perfect thing for us as we really wanted to escape the annoying noisiness of Brussels. Even though at the moment the botanical gardens is receiving more visitors because of its (in)famous plant blooming, it still offers solitude and tranquility as you wander through the garden surrounded by animals and plantlife.

Meise에 있는 식물원에 예쁜 꽃이 피웠어요. #벨기에 #꽃 #식물원 #Meise #Flower

Een foto die is geplaatst door Hanhan Jabji (@hanhanjabji) op

By now you might be wondering what this (in)famous plant is that is attracting so much attention. The plant is called amorphophallus titanum or less in Latin words titan arum. It is the world’s largest flower. However, being big does not make something that famous. It is famous for the odour it releases upon blooming. To attract the insects that it relies upon for pollination it releases a foul smell that reminds people of rotting corpses. We do have to say even when it was not yet fully blooming when we visited it, the smell was quite pungent. It was totally worth the visit.

Meise에 있는 식물원에서 시체꽃. #꽃 #식물원 #벨기에 #Meise #Flower

Een foto die is geplaatst door Hanhan Jabji (@hanhanjabji) op

However, when we were about to leave, the problems started. (PS: I am planning to write about our visit in Korean during the weekend.)

By the way, if you want to watch more pictures of our visit you can watch some (47 photos to be precise) on Hanhan Jabji’s Facebook page or via our Google+ account. Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook or Google+ what you think. We would love to hear from you all.

A Pain in the Back

My roommate often suffers from minor back pains, but when we decided to return to Brussels he complained about a pain in the neck. We rested by sitting on a bench enjoying the garden a bit more and upload some pictures to my Instagram account. After a short break the pain lessened and we took the bus to Brussels.

In Brussels we went to one of our favorite places for Lunch “Chez Mymy”. We are acquainted with the owner as she is a wonderful person who always welcomes us with open arms. It also helps that the food they serve their is affordable and delicious! After we had our fill we were talking when my roommate grimaced in pain. We had to leave abruptly and as we were leaving the pain had him against the wall. During the trip home he had a constant look of pain. It was utterly horrendous to behold.

Chez Mymy - Food

What I ate at Chez Mymy; delicious and affordable.

Once we got home, he immediately threw himself to the floor moaning in pain. Like everyone else when in utter distress he called his mother. And like all great mother, his mother even though being far away in Korea tried everything in her power to calm her son and help soothe his pain.

Today we visited the doctor. It seems his muscles are in a knot and need some time to relax. Therefore I have been running like a crazed person all across Brussels trying to find some things to help ease his muscles. I just hope the pain lessens soon because I do not like to see him in pain.

Anyway, because of this situation I did not write anything yesterday and I have not been studying Korean yesterday, nor today and probably won’t during the weekend. Sorry!


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