Time for a shout out for someone whose work I absolutely admire: Happy Hangeul Karina Lim. Her work is incredible and inspiring when learning Korean.

Happy Hangeul, an Introduction

I am not an artist. I cannot make beautiful drawings. Even average drawings are beyond me. Whenever I draw it looks like nothing really. However, while I am impossibly inept at drawing I am often amazed by the works of others. Beautiful drawings or funny cartoons always draw my attention.

It so happens that a month or two ago I happened to come across a drawing. The drawing was a Korean word, lavishly decorated by really cute drawings. It simply appealed to me. The drawings were made by a person who went by the handle @HappyKarinaLim.  I started following her and day after day my Twitter feed welcomed a new work from this talented artist. Later I would follow her on Tumblr and Instagram as well.

Happy Hangeul, Karina Lim, is an artist who shares what she refers to as her doodles on social media with the world. Often these doodles incorporate a single Korean word which is then represented graphically by the doodle. Some doodles are simple and cute. Other doodles have intricate and elaborate designs.

Some of her Work


Now I want to convince you, you need to keep an eye on Happy Hangeul’s work. To do so I have selected a few of her works that really touched me. The first work is about the word 반달곰, the Korean word for the Asian bear. This drawing is one of simpler doodles with her own special brand of cute characters. She made this drawing following my suggestion on Instagram. Now be honest; is this not one of the cutest bears you have seen?


The second drawing I want to share is equally simple, but something with color. However, the doodle might end up teaching you a thing or two about Korean. The word it deals with is the Korean word 바나나. However, the amount of information she shares with you using this one word is simply amazing. Furthermore she made the doodle in such a way that it does not feel ‘too’ informative. The doodle is not trying to be something special, just fun and informative.


The third and final picture I want to share is one of her elaborate doodles. These elaborate doodles always amaze me. I think I could never make something like that. I simply do not have the patience for it. However, I can appreciate the work of someone else. I do not think I need to tell you anything about this doodle as it does a good job telling you what it is about. I love how Happy Hangeul is able to use simple shapes to create such elaborate designs. It simply amazes me anyone can be so creative with simple things.

For people fighting the righteous battle for respect for the works of others: I have contacted Happy Hangeul, Karina Lim, before writing this post and she has allowed me to show off her works on Hanhan Jabji.

Now Start Following

I think that after seeing her fun doodles you will want to start seeing more. If you want to see more, I can only suggest that you start following her on social media. Just do not forget to tell her I send you her way and do not forget to give her a little compliment. Artists are people too and anyone loves to get a compliment every so often!

With all that my first shout out ends. I plan to write more shout outs like this one. Although I will only write these as I stumble across interesting things on the web. However, if you happen to know something that might just be the thing that I would love to shout out; tell me about it in the comments below. It needn’t be an artist like Happy Hangeul, it just needs to involve Korea or its language.


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Nick is a someone who enjoys exploring new and different things. 2 years ago when he met his Korean friends he decided to go for it and learn Korean. Now he is struggling with the language while sharing an apartment with his Korean roomie.

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