Hanhan Jabji – Passion turned Magazine

Hanhan Jabji – Passion turned Magazine


One of the first questions you will get when you tell someone you are learning a language is: “Why are you learning that language?” Most are a language either because of job requirements or interests. Why I am learning Korean is slightly different. I decided to learn Korean when I started sharing an apartment with my Korean roommate. I thought it would be neat to be able to talk to him and his family in their native language. (My roommate is fluent in Dutch, though!)

I made the decision to start learning Korean somewhere in August 2014 and it has changed my life quite considerably. Through learning Korean, I have met some of the greatest people I have the honor of calling friends. Just because of that I consider the decision to learn Korean one of the best decisions I have been in my life so far.

A Whole New World

Before I met my Korean roommate, I did not pay any attention to South-Korea. You could say it has opened a whole new world for me and I am glad that I have opened the door to that world. While I am not a fan of everything South-Korea has to offer, there are innumerable things out there that I absolutely love such as Korean food. I simply fell in love with that taste and these days I eat it more often than my roommate!

As I continued to learn more about Korea and the Korean language I thought to myself: “I put a lot of effort in this, why don’t I share what I do with the world?” That thought lead to the creation of Hanhan Jabji. Hanhan Jabji was first just meant as a place to share my Korean writings along with my grammar notes. However, I found out I actually enjoy doing the whole blogging thing and decided to expand the scope of Hanhan Jabji.

Belgian & Korean Things

Now Hanhan Jabji is a place where I share everything related to Korea and me. Want to know what I thought about a language app I used to learn Korea? You will find it on Hanhan Jabji. Want to know what Korean webcomics I like? Hanhan Jabji is the place to find my thoughts. Want to know what Korean vocabulary I am learning. You guessed it; Hanhan Jabji.

However, a goal I have in mind for Hanhan Jabji will go further than just Korea. I also want to share things about my own country, Belgium, in Korean. I would love to share things to help Koreans who want to work, study or simply visit the tiny country in the Low Countries. I know my country can be completely bonkers. I learned that through my roommate and because of that I want to write articles to help Koreans get things done in Belgium.

Nick Weymiens, Everything-doer

Nick Weymiens

Hi, I am Nick Weymiens

This is Nick Weymiens. He is the one learning Korean, writing for Hanhan Jabji, managing everything related to Hanhan Jabji and attends college at ODISEE Brussels. He always seems busy, but he is actually just slacking. He is currently living in Brussels, Belgium, with his Korean roommate.

Nick’s native language is Dutch and he has a pretty decent knowledge of English. As any Belgian, he knows a bit of French, but he should really be a lot better than he actually is. French is therefore the bane of his life. He is currently learning Korean and French, but focuses more on Korean because that language is actually fun to learn.

Besides learning Korean, Nick spends his time reading things on the internet, watching things on the internet and dreaming about exploring the world. He hopes to one day to explore the East-Asian Countries and tell you all about that. However, as it stands that is just a big dream.

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