K-Dramas and I just do not mix well. I just cannot see their appeal, but three days ago I discovered the first drama I could not stop watching, Dear My Friends (디어 마이 프렌즈). Dear My friends is details the story of elderly Koreans and what begins with a laugh ends with a tear.

K-Drama and I

Probably many among those who read this love K-dramas. Probably many of you decided to learn Korean because you just wanted to watch those dramas without waiting for pesky subtitles. I am a bit different until recently I did not find any Korean drama enjoyable. They often were generic soap operas with a lot of focus on the poster actors. Some people really love that since it is very relaxing not having to think too much on the plot and just laugh.

By accident I discovered a Korean drama that did not follow many of the clichés I dislike: Dear My Friends (디어 마이 프렌즈). This series just kept me always wanting to watch the next episode just to know how the various plotlines would resolve themselves. The entire drama is a rollercoaster of emotions that starts you off with a laugh, but will leave you with tears in your eyes. The story is really simply just too painful to watch unfold.

About Dear My Friends

The story of Dear My friends follows the stories of elderly Korean friends struggling with both their future, present and past. Their lives are detailed by the writer daughter of one of the elderly. While one might think a group of elderly friends might be bland, all characters are distinctly different with their own charm.

Dear My Friends Cast

The Dear My Friends cast

You have quirky Jo Hee Ja whose antiques will have  you laugh. Then there is diligent Moon Jung Ah whose overbearing husband Kim Suk Kyoon continuously bosses around. Followed by the demanding mother Jang Nan Hee who orders her writer daughter Park Wan around. Of course we cannot forget ever smiling Lee Young Won who is a famous actress and strong Oh Choong Nam who selflessly supported her family. Later you will meet suave Lee Sung Jae who tries to get closer to his old love. Lastly there is the old mother figure Oh Ssang Boon, mother of Park Wan and a mother to all her friends.

The story will show you the stories of all these characters as they struggle to accept their present and come to terms with their pasts. It all begins with a laugh and good humour, but as the story continues those laughs turn to bitter tears as you see that behind their smiles and care is always a hidden sadness.

My Thoughts on Dear My Friends

If you ask me whether you should watch Dear My Friends, I would absolutely tell you, you ought to watch it. The story is deep and all characters are simply interesting. I cannot imagine any reason you should not watch this drama. However, at the same time the series is not about making you feel good. It confronts you with the reality of things and this might not be enjoyable for some. If you like deep stories and do not min watching a drama that might be confronting you should watch this one. But, If you do not like such messages in your TV series, than just skip it.

This series made me understand that there are probably great Korean series out there. I always thought all Korean drama series are the same: Simple soap operas. Dear My Friends made me realize this is not the case and now I am searching for another drama that is similar in-depth to this drama. If you happen to know one, let me know in the comments okay?

Dear My Friends

While one might think a group of elderly friends might be bland, all characters are distinctly different with their own charm.


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