No one and I mean no one likes watching commercials. However, sometimes when we see one commercial we do not mind watching it because it is utterly ridiculous and funny. Every country has some of these commercials and today my roommate happened to stumble upon one of those silly, Korean commercial for 오로나민C.

The 오로나민C Jingle

This commercial, both the imagery and the jingle, just keep you laughing from start to finish. It simply is utter ridiculous. If remembering the name of the product they are promoting is the goal, than I can safely say: mission accomplished. Throughout the jingle they repeat 오로나민C, the drink they are promoting ensuring that anyone watching remembers the name.

I dare you to watch this commercial and tell me that you did not remember the name and not lie.

Now be honest this commercial was hilarious, right? Let me know what you thought about it or if you know another funny Korean commercial in the comments below.


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Nick is a someone who enjoys exploring new and different things. 2 years ago when he met his Korean friends he decided to go for it and learn Korean. Now he is struggling with the language while sharing an apartment with his Korean roomie.

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