Learning a language should not be only about grammar, words and writing exercises. It can also be about delicious, Korean recipes. Time to start learning Korean through recipes.

Since I started living with my Korean roommate I have discovered I actually enjoy cooking, especially for others. It simply is utter joy to cook a good meal for others and hear the little sounds of joy escape them when they eat your food. I love the Chinese (Sichuan being my favourite!) and Korean cuisine. I have to admit to preferring that food over my own native cuisine.

Learning a language requires a lot of time and a lot and I mean A LOT of immersion. You simply need to keep listening to Korean to slowly improve your listening comprehension and form a proper understanding how grammar is really used. Some things you simply cannot learn from a book.

Answer: Korean Recipes

Luckily there is always a way to find a way to combine the necessary (often boring) stuff with the fun stuff. Why not be introduced to Korean food by an actual Korean chef? The chef explains everything in Korean which satisfy the necessary criteria and he makes delicious food which satisfies the fun criteria. Everyone wins.

Finding such things might be a problem; though. It is a bit difficult to find these things when you are not fluent in Korean. Luckily, however, my roommate by chance happened to watch a video on YouTube about Korean food. It immediately caught my eye and I think I found a Youtube channel I am going to watch:

  • The food looks utterly amazing
  • Besides explaining everything in Korean, Korean subtitles are provided helping learners even more!

Presenting: 화니의 주방 or Nyum Nyam TV

This channel is by a chef who calls himself Hwani (화니) and shows off his skills at cooking while giving easy explanations to make the dishes yourself. According to my roommate he often gives tips on how to preserve the food for a long time so it is a good all-round channel. I believe the first video I saw was his video how to make Tangsuyuk or simply said sweet and sour fried pork. It was simply delicious.

However, I think the chef is far better to introduce himself. Here is his introduction as found on his Youtube channel Nyum Nyam TV or 화니의 주방:

  • What are you going to cook for dinner or weekends? Noodles? rice? ramen? Chinese? Thai? Vietnamese? No worries…as you have just found this channel.

    Hwani, who used to be a professional chef, is here for you. His videos will show you easy-to-follow recipes even for the most challenging dishes with his hard-earned knowledge and his scientific understanding behind cooking.

    His healing recipes will soothe both your soul and stomach.

  • 오늘은~ 주말에는 뭘 해 먹을까? 짜장면? 짬뽕? 라멘? 베트남 쌀국수? 팟타이? 중화요리, 태국요리, 베트남 요리등등… 아시아 요리를 포함한 이국적인 요리를 여러분께 소개해 드립니다.

    요리과정이 복잡하거나 많이 어렵진 않을까요? 걱정마세요~!

    난해하고, 보통 사람들이 따라할수 없는 레시피는 No~! 전직 요리사인 화니샘이 기존의 어렵고 두리뭉실했던 요리공식을 풀이해서 여러분께 알려드려요~

    집에서 요리를 자주 하시는 주부님들에게는 보다 풍요로운 식탁을, 독신남녀에게는 음식으로 힐링을~ 요리사 지망생에는 요리의 기초 스킬을!

    일반인들은 알지 못하는 요리의 키 포인트까지~!

    차근차근 따라하다보면 어느덧 전문가가 되어버린 자신을 발견하실수 있을거에요.

I can highly recommend his videos they will simply have you want to taste the food. It always looks so good. What do you think after watching the Samgyetang – 삼계탕 below?

PS: This channel also has a Naver Blog attached to it for the advanced Korean learners.

삼계탕 – Samgyetang


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