Just like my college classes, my Korean classes at Sejong Hakdang have resumed. I have skipped 1 level and went straight to Korean Intermediate 1.

As you might know last year I attended weekly Korean classes organized by Sejong Hakdang at the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels. I class I had registered back then was Korean Beginner 1, but my teacher and I discovered that I was a bit beyond a beginner when it came to Korean. Regardless I stayed because of the great people who were in the class and I nonetheless had a chance to improve my pronunciation. That year is over and a new year of Korean classes is about to begin.

Korean is a Harsh Mistress

I have been looking forward to resume my Korean classes at Sejong Hakdang. I simply enjoy learning Korean even if I cannot really explain why. Perhaps being able to talk to my Korean friends in Korean is more important to me than I even think. Who knows?

Normally I would be attending Korean Beginner 2, but I decided to skip that level. Instead I will move to Korean Intermediate 1. While I really improved my Korean pronunciation, I did not really improve my Korean grammar or vocabulary during the classes. I had pretty much learned the things taught during those classes on my own. By skipping Korean Beginner 2 I want to really challenge myself.

Challenge myself I will since the Korean Intermediate 1 classes are taught completely in Korean. The teacher explains everything, grammar and vocabulary, in Korean. This week’s wednesday I got my first taste what that is like and I can simply say that Korean is a harsh mistress; harsh, but fun. I think if I continue these classes I will really improve my Korean. I already learned so many new words in just 1 day. It was amazing and difficult.

No Rest for the Wicked

Since it is apparent that my Korean classes will not be as easy as last year, I cannot become complacent. I need to focus on the task ahead and keep to a tight study schedule. So this is my new study strategy with these classes in mind. Every week I will (re)read one story from the TTMIK Aesop’s Fables & Korean Folk Tales, write all ‘unknown’ words used during class in a notebook and use it in a sentence and every so often write a text in Korean. I think that would be a great strategy. What do you think; any suggestions for me?

PS: I already started on the notebook thing today.

한국어를 공부해요… 항상 공부해요… #한국어 #공부 #korean #study #LearnKorean

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