Many months ago I started attending a small Korean class at the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels. Now that journey is nearing its end and like often with classes it can only end one way: exams! Exams are upon me and today I have my first Korean writing exam; followed next week by a Korean listening exam.

The Limits of Self-Study

When I started learning Korean I did everything in self-study and I enjoyed that, but sometimes you just have some questions for which you cannot find any easy or fitting answer anywhere. Those questions are simply meant to be asked to humans; teachers more specifically. So this year I decided to register for Korean classes (last year I was too late) that were held at the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels. These classes were rather inexpensive and my teacher was a wonderful woman who tried her best to keep boring grammar enjoyable.

I can highly recommend attending the Korean classes that the Korean Cultural Centers around the world offer. If there is a Korean Cultural Center near you, you really ought to go there and see what they have on offer. Besides Korean language glasses they often host other kinds of classes such as classes about Korean handcrafts or cooking.

Korean Writing Exam

Nonetheless today at 6:45 PM, I will be at the Korean Cultural Center taking my first Korean test; my Korean writing exam. As it implies today’s exam will mainly focus on grammar, vocabulary and writing. A speaking exam will follow the next week. Personally I think I am ready for the Korean writing exam and I hope I can really show off the progress I have made so far. I have come a long way since I started learning Korean. Today I am able to write simple Korean texts, express myself in Korean through simple sentences and I am starting to catch what is being said in Korean.

Regardless of the result, I will have everyone know the results of my exam as soon as possible.


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Nick is a someone who enjoys exploring new and different things. 2 years ago when he met his Korean friends he decided to go for it and learn Korean. Now he is struggling with the language while sharing an apartment with his Korean roomie.

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