Commercials: no one likes them. However, some commercials are too funny not to watch. This Korean commercial called 여친의 선물 from is one of those hilarious commercials. I think you will enjoy the use of kimchi here.

여친의 선물: Kimchi

If you ever watched K-dramas you will have seen several dramatic slapping scenes between characters. Sometimes the slapping scenes have the added kimchi effect: one character using kimchi to slap the other one. This is simply hilarious and the people at agree with that assessment and thus designed this funny commercial.

The commercial is simply about a cheating boyfriend receiving a present from his girlfriend through and I will let the commercial do the rest of the talking.

Is watching someone being slapped with kimchi not simply hilarious? Let me know in the comments. If you know another Korean commercial that simply makes you laugh every time you see it, simply let me know.

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